Ninja Gaiden II

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Ninja Gaiden II is little bit easier than the first game. The first game was really hard and more challenging. This game takes place one year after from the first game. In the beginning of the game there is a CIA agent named Sonia. She is looking for Ryu Hayabusa’s wherebouts, until members of the Black Spider Clan appear and kidnap her. Ryu has to stop the Black Spider Clan to save her. Ryu did save her from the Black Spider Clan, but his village is in trouble. Ryu must save his village and save the world. Could he do it? Find out when you are playing this game!

The storyline in this game has seventeen levels and those levels are really long. This game has an easier gameplay than the last game did, and that it works for me! I had trouble with the last game, but this game is even better than before. I like the gameplay better this time than before. The graphics look better than before. The first game has pretty good graphics, too, but this game has way better graphics than before. I like details in Tokyo at the start of the game. This game took me fourteen hours to complete. The first game took me 21 hours to beat. So, this game is little bit shorter than the first game. In team missions, you and your partner are killing as many enemies as you can kill. You can play this online as well. Team Missions is about sending a character and you and your friend are just killing as many enemies as you can you kill before you die. It is pretty fun at first, but it will boring after some time. I’m think first game was better than this game, but this game is pretty good to play. I like ninja games much more than war games unless it is WWII. If you played the first Ninja Gaiden game, you will want play this game as well. It isn’t better than first game, but is still a great game to play. So if you played the first game, you should play Ninja Gaiden II.