Ninja Gaiden 3

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ninja gaiden 3
Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

Well, I just already played Ninja Gaiden 3 and one thing I’m going to say about this game. WTF is this? The last Ninja Gaiden game was great, but this game horrible. The storyline is awful, the graphics look low-rez, and this game is too easy and too short. The storyline is about Hayabusa helping JSDF to save the world, but there one problem. He has to save the world in seven days. If he doe not, he will die. The reason why Hayabusa is dying is because the dragon sword is in his arm. It is killing him slowly. This wasn’t a creation of Tomonobu Itagaki. If it was, this game would been a better game. This one was done by Masato Kato. Is he trying to kill the series?

The graphics look like crap. It look like a early PS2 game. Ninja Gaiden II has better graphics than this game. Team Ninja, what is wrong with you? Are you trying to kill this series as well? I have little trouble with the gameplay. The camera was a pain, and Ryu is attacking the wrong way. In this game, you are not killing demons any more. You are killing real people and lab monsters. Ryu is not a ninja any more. He is a killing machine and he loves to kill everything. Did I mention that this game has lots of blood? This game is too easy because you are just press buttons to beat the game, and the game is only seven hours of gametime. That is not a long game. This game has some bad voice actors. The voice actors are not the same as before. The soundtrack is pretty good. So there is at least one good thing about this game. If you want Ninja Gaiden game, don’t get Ninja Gaiden 3. Get the other two, but not this game. It just sucks.