Nightmare Realm

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Fun Factor:★★★½☆ 

If you really want to be spooked good then this is going to be the game for you as it deals with both mystery and trips to other mystical and strange worlds. If you are sleepy or it is late in the night then this is not going to be the game to play unless you like having your wits frayed and your brain jumping at every shadow. This is one creepy game that could very well put you in the Nightmare Realm instead of you just playing it.

The game start where you, your characters husband and his brother along with your daughter are driving home from a birthday party. It was your daughters sixth birthday and you were all out doing something special and then on the way home tragedy strikes as boulders fall from the cliff. They fall right into your path forcing the car off the road and almost over a cliff to the rocky shoreline below. It is all that you can do just to save your daughter. After you cut her free you try to save your husband but it is too late and in a vision you see a smoky figure come and take his soul off to some nightmarish looking place. You don’t even know if you can believe what you saw but you do find the ring that you saw on the apparition’s hand. All you can do is collect it and help your daughter and brother-in-law to safety.

The game picks up one year later on your daughters birthday and you see her on the porch with her crayons drawing a strange spiraling path that leads to a doorway. As it is getting late you tell her to get ready for bed as her uncle shows up to give her a birthday present. He tells her that she can not open it till she has turned seven. She is so happy to see him and totally forgets all her things outside which you then have to collect. The real mystery begins after you have tuckered her in for the night. An event so profound and mysterious that there is no way that it is really happening, you see the same apparition take your daughter out of her room through one of her drawings. What will you do to save her and will you be able to find all her origami to be able to save everyone.

This is a hidden object and puzzle game that will challenge your mind and sometimes even your sanity as you try to figure out all the clever puzzles that they have included with the game. Fortunately there is a Nightmare Realm Strategy Guide that can help you find all those things that you keep missing or help you in solving one of the numerous puzzles and riddles that you are going to find along the way. There are many places that are used and reused in the game so make sure you try and find everything as you go along. There is a map that will help to guide you and you can get hints as well but for every hint that you use you are going to have to find some on your own to be able to have the game give you more hints for when you really get stuck.

Even though the game is frustrating at times it does draw you in but in a really creepy way. You see a little girl turn into a cracked porcelain doll, see statues come to life and even see the drawings of the little girl jump straight into reality in a very nightmarish way. This game is going to keep you guessing and your hear pounding as you struggle with all the riddles and puzzles that are in Nightmare Realm. Do you have what it takes to make it to the end and safe the character’s daughter?