Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Another Free to Play game comes to us, and this time it is from ERS Games Studios, the Cadillac of HMO-style games. They have brought us many hours of mysteries through the tales of Edgar Allan Poe, and yet again we are working with C. Auguste Dupin, a young Parisian detective, and his crew. Our work is cut out for us, too, because you never know where things might be or whom might be controlling them. There are many Poe games and the one constant is Dupin, but we really don’t see much of him as we are running around mid-19th Century Paris working our own cases, getting to know everyone from the local laundress to the chef at everyone’s favourite cafe. We even help out the crew of various dirigibles and hot air balloons that work their way over the city. We are not much a detective as the go to girl/guy for everyone, not unlike Dolly Levi. All kinds of people are looking for us to help them solve various cases, from the original Murder in the Rue Morgue to chasing down mummies, werewolves and escaped convicts. All this work does cost energy, and there are various ways to get it. Resting, as in not playing the game for a few hours. Eating, consuming pixelated noms and drinks to give you a boost, or working towards the rewards that will also give you those boosts.

You will work your way around the city, and as you solve more cases, more of the city opens up, with higher levels. Don’t be in a rush to explore it all quickly, because, as is the case for most FTP games, they want to get you tempted enough to pay in real-life cash or credit for noms and gold coins. Having some patience makes this game worth the wait. Also, the hidden objects in the various places we visit will move about, so don’t expect the same puzzle every time, and you will also find things that are unrelated to any case, but will help you build a collection of items and gems to make your gameplay better. This is the only downside, and is the reason I gave Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery a gameplay score of three. Keeping up with the various mysteries themselves balances out the fun factor.

If you have been following the Poe series by ERS Games, then this is a must have. If you have not, then this is also a good place to start, but don’t get so into Nightfall that you never check out the other Poe games. It might be very easy to do that.