News And The Economy And Politics

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We are seeing more and more on the news lately that everything is getting better. We see the DOW almost hit 13,000 and they say that things are getting better. While it might be getting better for the rich it shore as hell is not getting better for the over 50% of Americans that are in poverty We hear how jobless claims are falling but how much of that is in the fact that people are just plain giving up when there are no jobs to be had. Sure things are getting better if you live in the bubble that the greedy inconsiderate rich live in. For them everything is hunky dory and they could give a damn what you or I might think or actually have to deal with. So is the economy getting better? That depends on your perspective and your wallet or pocketbook.

Another thing with the news is that every single damned time, it seems, that they say the economy is getting better the price of gas shoots up almost immediately. Do you know what that means? That means that any kind of recovery that in some mythical world is happening is not going to matter at all since all the extra cash is going to be going into some rich oil mans pocket. Again we get screwed out of a chance to get better because of some greedy idiot that thinks they can take it with them when they finally leave this world. If we want true economic recovery we need to have some sort of balance and not this stupid oil and spend rollercoaster we are all FORCED to be on and ride. I am getting sick and I want to get off the ride but I feel they really don’t give a damned at how sick all of America is over all this.

Now politics, all the candidates are on the “this country needs jobs” kick, but only just recently. How ironic that the news says that life is getting better and then the politicians all the sudden say that America needs jobs. (By the way I have been saying all along that we needs jobs in just about anything that I have written or said at Drummond For Congress so you can’t put me in with all those other hacks that just now started saying it) Do you know why they are saying it when the news is saying otherwise? They are saying it because they know that is what the voters want to hear. I think that if voters thought the sky was purple and wanted proof then the politicians would find a way to campaign about how the sky was purple just to make the voters happy. Lets be straight about this, fancy poli’s are bought and paid for by all the rich corporations and individuals that are making a ton of money on the stock market as they laugh at the rest of us that have to do without.

I know my word can be hurtful to all those rich idiots that don’t care about anything other then themselves. To them I apologies, I am sorry that you were not born with a heart and sorry that you don’t care about those of us that have to keep cleaning up after your damned mess when you wont pay for it yourself. Pay your share for a change and let everyone rise up above the muck that is poverty. Give us jobs so that we can then make you even more money, if that is all you care about. If you have people working you have people spending. Oh, and tell your rich oil friend that you want them to quit hiking the price of oil because if they don’t we will have to spend all the money we make with them instead of you.

All views are my own, they are my own musings and I could give a damned what some rich uncaring person things. If you are rich and care and are putting people to work then my words are not to you but to those around you that laugh at you for actually giving a damn and caring about your fellow human beings.

Sorry for the ramble here but I just had a thought, you know how all the conservatives are going on and on about their god and religion? It brings something to mind and I know I am paraphrasing a bit but didn’t Christ say that it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle then for a rich man to get into the Kingdom of God? Makes you wonder just how religious those right winger religious touting politicians really are. Hmmm….

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