New Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

I’ve have seen many movie versions of this Mark Twain classic, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court , from the original Danny Kaye version, to the more contemporary Disney versions starring Whoopie Goldberg, and so so, but this is really quite different in that we are not only playing the new “Sir Boss”, protecting the kingdom from thieves as we expand our little part of it, we also need to keep a Dark Ages perspective in our 19th century heads.

Now, Sir Boss is the boss, and he is making sure that workers keep on track in their search for gold, lumber, stone, and other resources. We get some magical gifts from Merlin to speed up our process, and we can even have the workers harvest mana to bring the magic in faster. We can’t let our workers stray, else the thieves carry them off for ransom. Sometimes, we might even have to rescue a miserly noble along the way. One thing I really do like in this new building game from Alawar Games is the fact that our workers do not have to go directly back to the castle to get new assignments. You can actually chain their movements, and they will go directly to the next place they are needed. Also, workers appear as soon as you need them, as long as the resources are there for them to work with. So far, this is one the best farming game techniques Alawar has come up with. It raised the Fun Factor for me immensely.

It seems a little difficult to find these kinds of movies lately, but if you have a craving for a fun fish out of water kind of game, New Yankee in King Arthur’s Court might just be what you are looking for.