New Sidekick Video Game – Bingopocalypse

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

This is a cute little game that anyone can play and learn quickly. The kids are going to love this one with it’s bright colors, its quirks sounds and designed to look much like the shows that they now watch on TV. Each level entertains you as you watch the “hamsters” bounce to freedom or drop to their demise to float away as angels. Do you think you might have what it takes to save them all? Bingopocalypse is a single player lemming style game that gives players complete control over a hoard of mutated mini Maxum hamsters from Sidekick fame. With the Clone Ranger machine malfunctioning, the mansion is swarming with mutated mini Maxum hamsters. Help Eric get these transformed rodents into the Recompiler before Man Maid vacuums them up along with everything else in the mansion! Jump, climb, fly, push, blowtorch and jackhammer these super fur balls into safety to prove once and for all you have what it takes to be a Sidekick.

The “hamsters” are actually muscled men in purple body suits with a severe case of buck toothed overbite. It is just fun to watch them run all over the screen as you play. On each level they give you instructions on the different things that you have available that you can use to save them. You don’t have to save them all but it is actually possible to do so. To save them you need to get them into the contraption that will take them off the game screen in a flash. It doesn’t take a lot of skill other then making sure that you read what it says each item can do and then just do it. How many levels can you make it till you just can’t go any more?

For those times when you just want something else to do Play Bingopocalypse