Nanny Mania 2: Goes to Hollywood

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

While I did not get a chance to try out the original Nanny Mania, I’m sure it has to be better than this screwy game. This game has you clicking all over the place, trying to bring order to the life of a Hollywood Diva brood mare and her little bundles of joy. No wonder the woman is married to a lawyer. She needs him to take care of all the lawsuits! Nanny Mania 2: Goes to Hollywood goes beyond the life of a typical suburban nanny when supernanny Emma heads to the West Coast to help out a diva in need. After a few levels, you will wonder why Emma keeps working for her.

Emma is one sweet supernanny, and she has more patience than most of us would ever have in dealing with this Hollywood maze of diapers, clumsy toddlers, peeking paparazzi, and so much more. If the woman could get an exclusive with any of the supermarket tabloids, she could retire to some island and never have to dust anything again, except the white sand from her feet on a tropical beach. Sorry, Emma, but you are just a character in a game, and that might be why you have the amazing patience you do. Racing back and forth, trying to keep this nightmare of a celebrity home clean and protect their privacy is pretty nerve-wrecking. It was hard enough to keep up with them in a time management game. Kudos to those real Hollywood nannies out there. You should be getting paid way more than your employers are!