Mystery Trackers: Black Isle

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

It looks like Elephant Games has another hit on its hands with Mystery Trackers: Black Isle. This is another challenging hidden object mystery that mixes live action footage with mind bending puzzles and some great graphics.

It seems that the developers are getting better with the sound mixing, as the voice-overs are far better in synch than they were in Surface: Mystery of Another World Collector’s Edition, which was an amazing game in its own right. That is another game for another weekend, though, and it’s time Musings gave you some insight into Mystery Trackers: Black Isle.

There is what used to be a resort island that has mysteriously become abandoned, and when two members of a media reporting team head off to find out what happened and report it to the world, they get kidnapped by a mysterious man in black robes and what looks to be a masque that is commonly seen in Venetian street festivals. There is more to this mysterious figure than we first see. As we go further into town, we find that there have been experiments going on on Black Isle dealing with various kinds of paranormal talents, and this one person has about five different kinds of mental power gifts. It is clear that the man simply wants to be left alone, but you’ve been sent to get the reporters back, and he is not all that keen to give them up.

I played only the trial version of the game, and was disappointed that when I got past what was pretty much the entrance to the game, I got to the island’s theatre, and he was there with the woman who was doing the reporting, and he sends a fireball in my direction. I see the screen in flames, then get an invitation to play the full version of the game by purchasing it. Since it is part of the Elephant Games line, I may just do that, since I really do like their hidden object games, but was rather put off by this marketing ploy. What a tease you are, Elephant Games!