My Kingdom for the Princess III

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

This is the third installment of the My Kingdom for the Princess series of games from Nevosoft. It runs in pretty much the same style as its prequels. A time management builder game with obstacles to get through, and a very small team of workers to get through it with. In My Kingdom for the Princess III, we see Arthur and Helen twenty-five years later. They are ruling a very happy kingdom, and are ready to make alliances. In They now have three sons, one ambitious, one hedonistic, and one very green. The ruler of the neighboring kingdom is wanting to marry his princess off to strengthen ties, and each of the princes has a chance to make Princess Elizabeth their future queen.

They are to compete in a contest to refurbish the lands of the kingdom, and the one to do the best amid the vast challenges wins. The eldest, takes the lands to the west, filled with much lumber, but also swamps, bandits, and dangerous creatures. The second son takes the lands to the north, which are frigid and arctic, but filled with gold, yet still very hard to work, and again, dangerous creatures hamper work. The youngest son, the one with the biggest challenge, but with the most to gain, since he truly does love the Princess Elizabeth, takes the lands to the East, which are pretty much a shambles.

The game interface is a little different this time, as the bonus and time bars are on the side, rather than the top an bottom, of the screen, which can make them a little tricky to find at first. As with the other games, this game would be a bit less frustrating if you could have three workers rather than two, and if your resources would come back a bit quicker. The same narrator from the second game is back, still pushing us to get moving, but there is always the option to shut him out but turning off you computer speakers. Each time the story gets a little better, but the game pay remains the same. If you really like time management builders, there are many out there, so shop around before you decide if the My Kingdom for the Princess is the right one for you.