My Kingdom for the Princess II

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

This is the sequel to My Kingdom for the Princess, and as we can see from the opening story, the happily after for Princess Helen and Sir Arthur seems to be well underway, as they are now on their honeymoon in a tropical paradise. In fairytale lands, even the tropics can hide dark secrets. Just like in real life, tropical islands tend to be targets for huge storms, and in My Kingdom for the Princess II, our brave knight gets hit with a double whammy. His lady has been kidnapped by an evil dwarven wizard, and a nasty hurricane has hit the islands. Arthur and his band of workers and hunters take on the task of helping the local natives clean up as they search for Princess Helen.

As this is another time management land clean up game, the gameplay is pretty standard. A small team of workers goes after supplies and food stores, as well as other commodities to keep to operation running smoothly. There are new obstacles in the way, like carnivorous beasts and monster insects, and the annoying narrator who keeps attempting to encourage the player, but tends to be more frustrating instead. The game runs much like its original, but much smoother. The graphics are brighter, but the clock you must run against still needs more time added to it. There should be an option added to these game to extend the time, but I have not seen this yet. Add the sound of the narrator’s voice urging you to hurry, and you can get a bit frustrated. Surely it is all in good fun, and it it just a game, but even an extra thirty seconds can make a difference.

Wanting to know what happens to Arthur and Helen along the way makes this little series a bit addictive, so expect a review of the newest addition to the My Kingdom for the Princess games soon.