My Kingdom for the Princess

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

After a huge storm tears up the kingdom with a massive tornado, and the same storm awakens an angry red dragon, the Princess Helen must get home to her own realm to check in on her sick father, King Olbert, before he gets worse. A brave knight, Arthur, is appointed to escort the princess home, but that is going to take some doing. The storm has toppled trees and broken bridges, and the waters in the swamps have risen. Just about every village and hamlet along the way is wrecked, so it will take Arthur and his team of workers to fix everything along the way. This is going to be one very long trip home.

We are going to have to use our time management skills in attempting to get the areas clear before dark each day on the trip. So while Princess Helen kicks back at the work camp on her padded couch, Arthur’s workers go to work clearing debris, building support buildings like farms and sawmills to keep the workers fed and well supplied, plus gathering gold, gems, pearls, and flowers to sell for cash to fund your trip. Let’s just hope King Olbert can hold out long enough for his daughter to get home and help him heal. As to getting through each area, sometimes it seems that the time that is given is just not enough, and you might find yourself replaying an area to make sure you can get it done in time, because each time you beat the clock, you gain another part of your own castle. While it is not required, it does make getting that reward worth the trip. Some strategies used to beat the clock in some areas won’t work in other ones, because the damage in each area is different, and you might also encounter monsters and creatures that will scare your workers into not wanting to leave the compound. So the game can be complex, and fast-paced. There are many games like this in the casual game sites listings, so when you consider My Kingdom for the Princess as a possiblity, remember that there are two sequels to this, and as usual, they tend to be better. Have not tested those yet, but I will soon, so you will have more insight as to which one to try first.