My Farm Life

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Get ready to be the star of your very own sitcom where you are the only star that everyone wants to watch. The only problem is that you signed the contract before realizing what you were signing up for. You are just happy that you landed your very first role and you are the leading actress. They tell you that you start tomorrow so you pack your bags, get your best heels and your slinky dress and get ready for stardom. Only one problem, you are the lead on a farm situation show where you have to grow everything yourself and you don’t even know how. Oh those sick bastards of producers, they will do anything to make a buck and you can’t even get out of the contract.

There is a silver lining in the job that you are doing, you are being paid well and getting lots of viewers and followers as you learn a new trade, if the showbiz thing doesn’t work out. This is one game that is going to keep you on your toes with time management as well as resource management. You have to till the ground by putting down plots, sow the the fields and then harvest them as mature. You even get a popcorn machine and yogurt machine that you have to take and put the produce in to make the items. You even get to play with the animals as well as you feed and water both geese and cows. The cows are for the milk, so you have to milk them yourself, and the geese are for the eggs. There just doesn’t seem an end to it all, not even at night where you have to chase off bandits with your flashlight. The bandits are paid by the show to give you something even more time consuming to do.

This is a never ending run between veggies, animals and the barn as you try to keep up with the demands that they have of you each and every day. Its not too bad though as the colors are bright and inviting, the animations cute and smooth and the music is not annoying like other time management games can be. If you love a challenge and farm related games then you are going to absolutely fall in love with this one. My Farm Life will keep you smiling as you try to make sure that everything gets done and gets done on time or they make you do it all over again. See you on the farm!