Mushroom Age

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

While time travel has always been a fascinating subject, the hidden object mystery game Mushroom Age takes it to a new level of fun and silliness. We are playing as Vera, a regular lady with a fiance’, Tom, that works in time travel theory. When she goes to her man’s workplace, she finds his boss there instead. Dr. Einbock is a dead ringer for Einstein, and just as goofy. Before we know it, Vera is using a cellphone-looking thing to travel through time and hunt her fiance’ down through all kinds of places, from the far future, back to the Jurassic period, into the Stone Age and who knows where else?

So how does Vera work with those whom might be hostile to her to find Tommy Boy? With the help of a robot from the 31st century, she receives a translator, and she can now speak with anyone, from Nostradamus to a female T-rex with a toothache. She helps out those she finds along the way, and they give her information to find her man. This is most definitely not your normal time-travel tale, though it does remind me somewhat of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I doubt a movie based on Mushroom Age would be nearly as funny as a story about two headbangers on a mission to save their history report, but this does have its moments. Maybe once the Yuletide season is over, I’ll go on back and find out what happens next, if I can get past the bad voice acting.