Murder at 1600: This address changes all the rules.

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I’ve always loved movies set in Washington D.C., and this one is no different. Even though Hollywood’s spins are a bit different from the even bigger ones in Washington, it is great to see some high level person with a sense being holier than though get his or her comeuppance. Even though this movie was made in the late 90s, that still does not mean something like this could not still happen.

And this is how it goes…. A very comely young White House staffer, Carla Town (Mary Moore) has a tryst in the Oval Office while the First Family is supposedly out of town. The only people in the house at this time are Secret Service and cleaning staff, with the exception of the young lady and her paramour. A bit later, one of the maids is simply doing her job when she finds the young lady’s body in one of the stalls in a public washroom. Insanity ensues and the House is in an uproar. Security goes haywire, and even the local cops are called in. This is where Detective Regis (Wesley Snipes) and his partner, Detective Stengel (Dennis Miller) are called in. Regis has an unorthodox method of dealing with things, and this new case’s address makes all the rules different, because there are so many new hoops to jump through, it might be impossible to get any kind of cooperation from anyone on the staff. This case is so hush-hush, there has to be so much more going on than simply a romantic tryst gone bad.

The Secret Service assigns a liaison agent to Regis, Nina Chance (Diane Lane), an ex-Olympian sharp-shooter, and soon the mismatched pair are finding clues in all the wrong places, and their trail is leading them to places they never thought it would take them. This movie is a roller-coaster ride that never stops, and the destination goes far beyond regular law and order. We are dealing with hostage situations overseas in hostile Asiatic nations, a president whom wants peace at all costs, and an administration team that wants to undercut the president’s authority due to the fact that he never served in the military and does know understand the sacrifices those in uniform make.

We are dealing with a government at war with itself, and even those in the loop can be seen as outsiders to a cause when they get too close to the truth. Even though this movie has been out for over fifteen years, somehow, when it comes to Washington, some things never change.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆