Mouth Wide Open campaign in Northamptonshire

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I would like to thank VampireFilmNews on Twitter for this wonderful and funny short video that is now on YouTube. Believe it or not this video is actually a commercial for the NHS Northamptonshire dentists that is taking advantage of all of the vampire and Twilight craze that is going on now. In this video we see a sexy scantily clad woman that is sensuously taking off her thigh high hose as she is getting ready for bed. This is not something you would expect to see on a commercial, not in the US and not that provocative but as they say, it’s not over yet. In the background you can hear someone walking and the music tempo gets more eerie and races to a crescendo when a vampire walks into the room and throws the woman to the bed. In true undead style he works his way up her body and then opens his mouth to take a nip from her well exposed neck.

It is at that moment that it really gets funny and makes you think as a green mist comes out of his mouth. Just a hairs breath, pun intended, later the woman throws the vampire off her in disgust because of the smell coming from his mouth. The poor vamp doesn’t know what to do. If health care facilities want to get some real exposure in the US they really should take notes from some of the pranks and masterful story telling that goes on in the Europe and Aussie TV commercials. They are fun to watch and you will remember them long after the set has been turned off.

The video campaign is being launched as the NHS starts new services where the offices are open from 8-8 all year round in Corby, Northanpton, Daventry and Wellingborough. This one should definitely be able to sink it’s teeth into its target audience.

I believe this is going to get a lot of attention and get a lot of people to get up and go see the dentist. The person who thought this gem up should really pat them selves on the back and I can definitely see this one going viral and getting a lot of press in the future. This one should definitely be a candidate for a CLIO or BTA award. The only way I see it not getting a nod is if the reviewers and critics are asleep and just not looking at what is really out there right under their noses. Our congratulations go out to the makers of this film and the advertising agency that dreamed it up, you guys and gals rock!

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★★