Moto Racer

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Moto Racer is a pretty fun game to play. This game is like Ridge Racer, but with bikes. This game has no story at all. This game is like a arcade game. You choose a race track you want to race in, choose a bike that you like, and race, that’s it. There also the change mode, but also the same thing as single mode. There is also the multiplayer, but it doesn’t work, because this game is old. It would cool if it did work.

The graphics in this game didn’t age that well. It almost looks like the first Ridge Racer, but with better textures. The textures in this game look little detail than the bikers. The bikers look little more like walking shape bodies, but not as bad the users from Reboot. The gameplay is one thing I liked about this game. The gameplay runs smooth and also has better grime than the first RR game. When turning, you don’t have tap the button twice to turn. You can hold the gas button/up arrow and use left stick/either of the arrow keys to turn. I was using the 360 controller in this game instead of the keyboard. This game is compatible to use with the 360 controller. This game fun to play, but boring after awhile. This game is on and also on the PSone. I never played the PSone version, only the PC version.