Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

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MK vs DC

Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

I had finally played Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and the one big thing about this game? It is disappointing. The game doesn’t feel like you are like playing Mortal Kombat at all. When I played this game, it feels like I’m playing a Dragon Ball Z game instead of Mortal Kombat. The reason way I said that is because the gameplay runs like from the first Dragon Ball Z Budokai game. That game is old, I can’t stop playing it. Hell! that had better gameplay than this game. This game doesn’t have many activities you can do like Deception and Armageddon did.

The story in this game is rather boring and graphics do not look like a PS3 game or XBOX 360 game, either. The graphics look like a PS2 game. The blood in this game looks it from first Tomb Raider game, and the Sub-Zero’s ice looks like came from an old PSone game. Deception and Armageddon had better graphics then this game did. This game was too easy. I played the story for one hour and that was it. Arcade mode was a half hour. Arcade mode more than a half hour. Soul Calibur IV had way better graphics, much better gameplay, and more to play. There are not alot of MK characters as they had in Armageddon. They just used the main characters from the first 3 games, but no Johnny Cage.

For DC characters, they just use the ones from Justice League instead the others. The DC characters in this game suck, but except for Wonder Woman. She killed me some many times in this game. In this game, Mortal Kombat wins the fight against DC. One more problem with this game, no fatalities. What is good with Mortal Kombat game with no fatalities? Every Mortal Kombat always has fatalities. It was a bad idea Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. It good for Dragon Ball Z vs. DC Universe, but not Mortal Kombat. This game really sucks and I hope they never put out another MK vs. DC ever again. This game is good for rent or borrow from friend, but not to buy unless you are big on collecting trophies. For me, I don’t care about trophies. All I like to is play the game and that is it. So rent the game. Do not buy it!