Morlocks : Effects That Can’t Get Any More Retro

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Take a bunch of stars from various science fiction shows from the 90s and 00s, mix them with a steampunk era story, and give a modern military setting at some fictional base. Add some really bad effects and you get the 2011 motion picture tale of Morlocks.

Time travel has always been a fascinating subject, and there are loose elements in this movie from the H.G. Wells classic The Time Machine, such as the Morlocks and the Eloi. What we don’t know about the Eloi is that it is not a race of people but a government project run by an insane officer who has an agenda of his own to keep the project running.

David Hewlett of Stargate Atlantis stars as Dr. Radnor, a scientist that was kicked from his society for having radical ideas about time travel. A few years later, he is approached by his ex-wife, played by Christina Cole, about a project that has gone haywire. The E.L.O.I. project has created a time portal using something called a “latch”, that keeps the gate open between time periods. The time that is connected to our own looks to be in the far future, and there is a race of super/sub humanoid creatures roaming the earth that are called Morlocks, after the mutant creatures in the Wells book. The officer running the project, played by Robert Picardo, is bound a determined to keep the project running, no matter how dangerous, due to the fact that the Morlocks have DNA that is resistant to disease, and could be used to cure his son of cancer.

No matter how many people die to the violence and hunger of the Morlocks and other predators from the future, the captain will not close the project nor the time stream so long as there a chance of getting a viable sample of the DNA that will give the data that can be uploaded to the hospital to cure the boy. This is the second time a team has gone through the time stream, as the others were assumed to be dead. This time Radnor has been brought back so he can find the latch and shut it down After a run-in with some nasty predatory reptile/bird things when they do find the latch, Radnor and his team find the survivors from the first expedition, and they help them to escape the Morlocks, as the mutants hunt by night. The latch is left behind until it is safe to go back up and hunt for it again. The rescue is short lived, as the Morlocks find their bunker, and invade the hideout. The latch is found again, but this time by a Morlock. The Morlocks use the latch to get to the base at Tempus Flats, and even after all the carnage they cause, the colonel still won’t let Project E.L.O.I. go.

This movie had some good actors, a good script, and even a good plot. The bad side of the coin was clearly not enough coin. The creatures had that plastic, badly-done CGI look, and the military vehicles and aircraft looked like they came right out of a mid-90s videogame. If this movie could have had the effects deserving of its cast and script, this could have been so much better. I suppose that times have been tough even on the entertainment industry, and budgets have been cut on technical talent, but this was just wrong, and what has been seen cannot be unseen. I wish I hadn’t seen it.