More Stupid Politics about Foods and Jobs

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Recently on the news we all heard about how Congress is loosing its collective brains as they had to decide if a slice of pizza was a vegetable or not. Well with a slice of pizza I see a lot of dairy and some grain and that is about it but they say that it is indeed a vegetable. Because of this they have blocked any reforms that the FDA and Agricultural Department might have been able to do with the school lunch programs. They have legislated that our kids eat as much junk as possible and just like getting jobs for America, they just don’t care about it.

Instead of focusing on more important things like getting America back to work they were debating whether or not a slice of pizza would count as a vegetable so they could feed our kids more junk food. Our kids need REAL vegetables and not something that masquerades as one. I know that when I went to school that they made sure that you had plenty of greens to eat and what you ate really did fill you up and not just make you want to go to sleep. It wasn’t covered in grease, it wasn’t filled with dextrose and high fructose corn syrup and it wasn’t covered in salt. It was good food that you ate and then got to learning. I think it is time that the members of Congress that passed this joke should get to learning themselves what real food is and not just something that comes off an assembly line. Sometimes you actually do have to spend some money to get the savings later.

As to those savings if the children are fed proper foods they will learn better because the brain chemistry of the child will be more conductive to learning. Children that eat right are also less likely to be troublesome and they are also less likely to be over weight. What Congress did is just another example of how things need to change in Washington. We need leaders that are going to get people to work, get our infrastructure moving and make it so that we are not the laughingstock of the world. Feed our children right and get rid of the junk foods and sodas. Don’t stop there either, while you are at it make it so that their parents can get some decent jobs. If the parents are not working then how do you expect to get anything out of the kids.

Jobs and the lack of them is one of the most important problems right now in the United States and still we see Congress not doing anything real about it. Oh they make it all seem that it is in the best interest of the whole population but when it is a benefit when you have people starving and being forced out into the street. Any time you have policies that MAKE people homeless the leaders are showing that they don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves. If they think otherwise they are just kidding themselves. If they cared at all about the country they would make sure that people would be able to work. And what I mean work I mean a job that will actually pay the bills.

Another thing about jobs that has to stop and Congress helped to facilitate this is that you have to have a job to get a job. To me that just shows that the person applying is just trying to jump ship. Sure there are times when it needs to be done but to make it so that a person has to have a job to get hired at another job makes me wonder about that persons real motives. Will they actually stay at the job, will they just take what has been taught to them and then just go on to the next job. That is just wasted time and effort and leave the employer in a lurch. They spent all that time and money training the individual and then they just leave and then they have to do it all over again. The second really stupid job requirement is that a person has to have a college degree. I know that some jobs need them but to require a degree for a trade skill job is just asinine and ridiculous. I have even heard employers saying that why should they hire a person with no degree when they could get someone who has one. I am not talking about jobs that require great technical skills I am talking about waiting jobs and fast food jobs.

The climate in America is that if you are not in debt so far that you want to kill yourself then you are not worth the time of day. The time of having to be like everyone else needs to end. Some people actually value family over having all of the sparkly things of life. Some people just want to be able to eat and pay the rent. Some people just want to be able to eat and if Congress keeps doing stupid stuff like saying pizza is a vegetable then it is time that every single one of them loose their job. It is time that they all get replaced with people that actually care about the community, actually care if there are jobs for their neighbors, actually want to see the families and children that they are supposed to represent succeed. A Representative is that, a person that is supposed to represent the greater majority, not the minority of the rich. They are supposed to help make sure that what is needed in the community can actually happen. Sure they have to help deal with other issues but if they are not going to do anything for the community as a whole then they are not in the right job.

So anyone that is reading this make sure that your Congressmen, your Senators, your Statesmen and any person that is in public office know that they need to make sure that they are serving the public and not their checkbook. The one way to make sure they do their job is to tell them if they don’t do it that you are not going to vote for them. If that doesn’t get their attention then vote for someone else or help someone else be elected in their place. The thing is, it is government by the people, all the people, not just the rich and wealthy. Stand up for your rights and the rights of your community for they are your public servant, you are not their serfs.