Monopoly ®

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

With the colder months settling in, along with new promotions at McD’s, it seemed like this was a good time to let the Musings readers know about one the better versions of Monopoly out there. Just the game we used to play, minus the soda, chips and dip, and WNCI radio in the background, we can customize the game to our liking, and we have the option to change the starting cash amount. We can start with $1000, the traditional $1500, and $2000. You can set how you want to play the Free Parking space, from no cash to a set amount of $250, the taxes only, or a random reward directly from the bank. We also have the option to play again real people on a LAN and against AI players. The little pewter pieces have all taken on their own personalities. My favourite is the little dog.

Along with these custom set-ups we also have the option to let the bank auction off properties when people land on them and pass them up. I chose not to use this option as I wanted the game to have a more retro feel. You can even pick an environment in which you want to play, from a 60s flat, to a spaceship. You can still bring your snacks, even though they tasted better back in the days before HFCS,and crank your net radio up on Beach 95.1 of you want that nostalgic vibe. It’s not exactly like playing with your friends on a rainy Saturday afternoon, but it’s pretty close.