Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

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This is the 4th film in the series of films that Tom Cruise has done that are based in part from the old TV series of the same name. In this on we start with Ethan Hunt being rescued or rather pulled from a Moscow prison after another IMF mission went awry. The mission is so important that IMF feels that only Hunt is able to pull it off.

Russian launch codes for nuclear missis have been stolen and it is up to Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his new team to make sure that the information doesn’t fall into radical extremist hands of Kurt Hendricks (Michael Nyqvist) who believes that only a nuclear war will make everyone equal. The only way to make sure that the strongest are able to survive into a new age and the betterment of mankind. To try and stop him they have to break into the Kremlin to lift files that Hendricks need so that he can not get them in the first place. Of course being brought into the middle of the game Hunt is one step behind Hendricks and is used to cover the extremist’s tracks. Hendricks blows up the Kremlin archives and the surrounding area on a way that will leave Hunt taking the fall. He knows that if tensions are high between Russia and the U.S. that it will be even easier to carry out his plans.

Hunt’s team is comprised of only three other people. Jane Carter (Paula Patton), an IMF infiltrator and has a score to settle. Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) is a technical advisor that has recently passed his field exam. The last person is not even by choice but rescued from death by Hunt, he is William Brandt (Jeremy Renner), the chief analyst for the IMF Secretary (Tom Wilkinson). Those three and Hunt are all that is left of the IMF as the entire organization has been disavowed when the President initiated Ghost Protocol. IMF is seen to have been the one responsible for the explosion in Moscow so the organization has to cease to exist. If Hunt and his team are not able to stop what is happening the world is the one that is going to have to pay for it.

The film has lots of action and having “Shaun of the Dead” running the tech side of things you have quite a bit of humor added in that you normal would not see in the M:I films. His quirkiness bounced off the others in the team liven up the slower parts of the film and keeps you wondering why in the world was he given field agent status. You also have Jane out for revenge to kill Sabine Moreau who gunned down her last partner. Braundt is constantly questioning everything as he tries to analyze everything to death and has a secret of his own that he desperately wants to make sure is not repeated again.

For all those that like the M:I series you are going to love this film. For all those that like high flying stunts and action, you are going to love this film. For those that love films with Cruise in them are going to love this film. For those that don’t like all those things , grow a back bone and see it and you just might find that you like the film.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆