Review: Misfile by by Chris Hazelton

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MISFILEMisfile is an online comic that is done by Chris Hazelton who has worked on many film productions including “End of Days“, “The Hurricane“, “Thirteen Days” and “Spy Game“. But this review is about the online comic itself and not that of Chris :) Misfile start as a teen is just waking up. Scratch that, I just looked again and see that it start with an argument in Heaven and an angel getting kicked out until they are called back. Then the kid wakes up rather confused. You see Ash, the main character in the story, went to sleep as a boy and the whole world knew him as a boy but now he is a she and with a rack to boot. Talk about confusion, you still have all the urges and desires of a male but now are stuck in the body of a female. Just as Ash is freaking out the angel that was kicked out shows up to explain that he is the reason ash is the way that he is. He also further explains that the entire world thinks Ash is a female and remember Ash as always being female. Can you just imagine waking up and being something totally drastically different then you went to sleep? Even the size of Ash’s feet and body have changed to where it makes things even more awkward. The author, Chris, dose a great job in telling the story and it shows.

This story will keep you wanting more and more and if you start from the beginning you might not want to stop until you get to the very end or current episode, it is that compelling of a story. What also make this online comic different then others is that the author tries to make sure that Monday through Friday that there is a different comic every day. He even tries to do this when he is sick. Some times there are some guest panels to help fill in when Chris is just not able to keep pace, but the amount of updates that the author/artist does is just astounding. I don’t remember just exactly how he gets the stuff into the comp but you do and can tell that he does the majority of the work with pencil and paper and in my opinion that just makes it even better.

I took some commercial art courses when I was in high school and it is nothing like it is today. Back then you drew everything out by hand and used ink and rubylith on clear film to be able to do color separations for print and such. Today you just open a program and just make something. With Chris using many of the old school ways of for a better word animation, it just makes for a more enjoyable experience. Anyone who goes to read his comic is sure to find that they will want to keep reading it till the finial episode. Chris has said that the final episode will be sometime at or just after graduation. I know that once I get to that point I want to make sure to have all of the book so that I can read them again and again.

Thanks Chris for such a wonderful story and I hope you enjoy doing your online comics for a long time to come. I will say, I wouldn’t mind seeing you work in film again, but I hope it is on your terms. :)

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As of September 1st 2011 Misfile now has a twitter account as does 3rd child as well. Here are their twitter links so that you can follow them yourself. Welcome to twitter to the both of you.