Miriel The Magical Merchant

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

Considering that this time management game came from Myth People, the developers of The Heroes of Kalevala, one of my very favourite match 3 games, I was a bit disappointed when it played more like The Great Chocolate Chase. We have a spunky redhead with a mysterious past, sort of like Evangeline Baumeister, but in a fantasy world setting. Miriel runs a bakery and food store that supplies baking supplies, breads, cakes, and other items they give the recipes for in the game. Considering that Myth People Games is based in Finland, it explains why I did not recognise the names for some of the ingredients in those lists.

Miriel The Magical Merchant hops, literally, around her store levitating items to carry them to the ovens or to the customers, and they ask for basic goods, sweet water, flour, apples, and other little things. There are various customers with cute personalities that have favourite items they prefer to order, and with each new upgrade you buy, you can sell new things, but keeping track of all those items can get frustrating down the line. While the game looks cute, the mechanics needed a smoother feel, and the cash should not disappear right before your eyes. Now if they has some little light fingered thief grab your gold before you could pick it up, that would make for a great twist, but I’ve yet to see this in a Myth People game.

The game has the potential to be more than it is, and there is a sequel, so we can hope to see some kind of improvements up the line. I should look into more games by this company. I just hope they can live up to the great fun I have had with the first game of theirs I have played, many times over.