MIB3 (2012) Men In Black 3

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Some of the tags for this film include Back to the past… to save the future as well as Back in time to save the future. That really does give an apt description of this film. It is in no way a bad thing either as this film, in my opinion, is better then either of the first 2 films. I would even say that the MIB3 is twice as good as the first film. This is definitely the best Men In Black film to be made so far and here is to hoping that if another is made it will be as good as this one or better. If you have seen the first two MIB films then you are going to love this one. If you never saw other MIB movies or shows you are going to want to see them just because of this movie. It really is that good of a film.

The film was released in both 3D and 2D but with the way that it was made it doesn’t seem like they forced any of the 3D elements like other films have. Sure you have a few things thrown at the camera but you had that even in the first two films and they were just 2D. Without having seen the 3D version yet (still waiting on my clip on 3D specs) I would have to surmise that any of the multi-dimensional elements are more of an enhancement to give the film more depth and realism, if you can call MIB real *smirk*. Either way the film draws you in and doesn’t let go of you till the very end. There is so much going on that the film actually seems longer then it is by giving your eyes and mind more to bite into and see. In other films this is a bad thing but in MIB it is a treat for the eyes as you watch the story unfold and refold into the future past present of the film. I know that sounds insane the way it is described but this is a film about time travel after all.

Agent J (Will Smith / Cayen Martin) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones / Josh Brolin) are always arguing but always get the job done. J is always trying to get K to open up and show some emotion for a change but he is never able to get him to. K has a secret that he is hiding, that is holding his emotions back. A terrible thing happened in the past to change him and only he and Agent O know what it is. Agent O (Emma Thompson / Alice Eve), by the way is the new leader or head of MIB and she and K used to be an item in the past. With MIB it is always something and the Men in Black you know or knew today were not always what they are or seem to be in the past. One thing is going ton change all of that and it is going to take a trip to the past to fix it all. Confused yet? Don’t worry it will all become clear soon and you are going to want to watch along as it happens. I seem to have started explaining things like Griffin (Michael Stuhlbarg), an alien that can see all possible futures both past and present. It is because of him that the current present future is safe.

40 years ago Agent K stopped a Boglodite named Boris (Jemaine Clement) or Boris the Animal from taking over the planet. A special prison was made for the Boglodite, LunarMax prison, a supposedly inescapable prison. It was also during his capture that Agent K was able to launch into orbit the ArcNet which enables MIB to stop the Boglodite and other alien invasions against Earth. The only problem is someone has discovered how to travel in time and Boris has found out where he can get a hold of the device that makes time travel possible. The only thing that he has to do now is get out of LunarMax and get the device. Once he has it in hand he is planning on going back in time and kill Agent K before K shoots off his arm and launches the ArcNet into space. With the earth defenseless he will be able to get back to his planet and orchestrate a mass invasion and take over the planet Earth.

Agent J somehow remembers the current present time line even though it has changed around him. It seems that Agent K has been killed in the past and the Boglodite fleet is now invading Earth. He has to find a time device and jump to the past. The only way to do it is to jump off the top of the Chrysler Building and hope that he can get to the past before hitting the street far below him. On the way down he gets to see what New York City looked like at the time of the dinosaurs and then see the city be built around him and even sees the jumpers from the stock market crash during the great depression. Once he is about to hit the street he stops about 2 foot above the pavement and then is shot straight back up the building and standing in the same spot he left, just 40 years earlier. Now all he has to do is convince is future to be partner that he is there to save him from being killed so that the future can be saved.

In the past Agent J gets to see how K worked with and interacted with other MIB agents, especially Agent O. The two of them were very romantically involved and J just can’t seem to get why Agent K is so glum in the future. Past K just keeps telling him that what ever it is hasn’t happened yet and not to worry so much about it. He tells him to eat some pie and just forget about it and all will be made clear. Seems that is when Agent K actually starts to trust J and what he is saying when J is able to order for them and give them the location where things would start to unravel.

Now if you want to see more then go watch the film because it is going to be way better then the information that I have given here. I will tell you that Agent J will and does get to see what it is that caused K to become so glum. You will also see why J and K always seem to get on each other’s nerves. There are very specific reasons for it and when it happens and J gets back the relationship between the two men is changed forever, yet still the cantankerous same. You will just have to see the film to see exactly what I mean. In the meantime enjoy the screenshots here from the film.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★★