Metroid Prime

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Metroid Prime is first person shooter game I ever played, and it was on the Nintendo GameCube and the Nintendo Wii. I like the GameCube version better because the controls are better than the Wii. The Wii version is a pain in the butt because you have to use the remote. I do not like playing a game that you have to use a remote. This game is all about a bounty hunter name Samus is exploring a alien planet, finding ancient alien artifacts, and kicking some alien butt. She wearing a suit that will help her breathe better and protect her from damage. She uses a cannon on her right arm. That’s her weapon right there.

If you hold down the A button you will get a powerful shot. If you are using the x button, you are using rockets. You will get to transform into a ball to get in small places or turn on something. You will get some power-up later on in the game. Your suit will power up and your big gun will be powered up as well. You will some kind of night-vision in this game. When you going to a very dark place, you can use that night-vision. The graphics are amazing for a old game. I like what they did on Samus’s suit and her big gun. I like what they did on the aliens as well. The alien in this game looks ugly and creepy. Sometimes they will like bugs, look like wild animals, and look like aliens from the movie Independence Day.

Nintendo did good job on this game. The gameplay smooth and no bug problems. This game runs like PS3 game. That’s pretty cool, right? This game does have a aim assist, and you can lock on the alien that you are going to fight well use the L button. The sound of this game is like it came from one of Final Fantasy game. The sound will put you to sleep. So if you playing this, and if the sound put you to sleep. Use your MP3 player or iPod to plug up to your surround sound, so you will not have to hear the music of game. This game is longer for a first person shooter game and more changing than the other first person shooter I played before. This is fun game to play so if you want that more changing and longer play Metroid Prime. There are four more Metroid Prime game out there, but they are not all that good to play.