Meteor Storm A SyFy Original Production Comes Back To Haunt Us

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Meteor Storm features the talents of Michael Trucco, Kari Matchett and Kirsten Prout and directed by Tibor Takacs. This SyFy Original Movie recently aired on the SyFy Channel as part of its Saturday night line up. A comet that broke up is now on a collision course with earth and targeting San Francisco specifically.

While the film was entertaining and the acting on par there were many places where the film did not hold up. One point is that the bay area is attracting the meteors from even thousands of miles away. If there was an attraction of that magnitude then the entire world would have been affected by the electronic disruptions from the minerals that were already on the planet. The next part was with the special effects, while the CG effects with the meteors was spectacular the cut in scenes that used blue or green screens were like watching the morning weather reports of 20 years ago, It was that ragged and could definitely tell that it was cut in. The next fail was with the bridge falling apart, while the meteor hit was fabulous the break up of the bridge was simple pathetic. I have seen old footage of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge falling apart and they look nothing like what was seen in the film.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse in colour/color with Music

Now the meteorites themselves, they were supposed to be bullet sized when hitting the ground, but the very tiny holes left they would have had to been only about the size of a grain of sand. The special effects department didn’t do their homework on how big the holes were supposed to be. I understand that you need to suspend belie\f when watching many science fiction movies but this one pulls you out into the twilight zone in what they want you to believe is possible. Even the blowing up of the debris field was all wrong and don’t get me started on the several mile looking rock bouncing off the earths atmosphere.

This could have been a better movie if they would have at least got part of the science right with trajectories, speed and creators of meteorites. This could be a block buster if taken back and done again right and come up with a better reason for hitting San Francisco.

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