Metal Tornado (2011) Made For TV

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Metal-Tornado-2011-DVD-CoverThe tag for the film is “Nothing Can Prepare You For This” and boy is that the truth. This film stretches the realm of Science Fiction almost to the breaking point as they try to convince you that it is possible to create a magnetic storm that acts like a tornado. On top of that the visual effects are so fake that you wonder what the magnetic metal tornado was even based on. The only tornado effect that looked right was the one that was produced in the holo field that one of the researchers was using and even that unrealistically created a living storm that killed the researcher. This film was so bad that my son decided to wash dishes instead of sitting through such a bad Sci-Fi film. I personally think that a 1950’s or 1960’s film production company would have been able to make this film better and they didn’t even use computers back then to make films.

Researchers are trying to make a cleaner means of producing electricity. Michael Edwards (Lou Diamond Phillips) is the lead researcher working for a multi national company to make a more clean way to produce energy. The way that they are doing this is to harness the power of solar flares. They have collection panels in space that would collect the magnetic energies of the sun and then beam them down to a collection grid on the surface of the planet. While an interesting idea it really would not be that feasible as I don’t see enough flares happening to make something like that truely possible or even predictable. When they were downloading the energy they said that the next day that they would be able to do the same in France.

The whacky science aside a previous researcher and a designer of the collection grid try’s to tell them that there is a design flaw in the 2nd grid that could lead to a disaster, the same test that killed himself in his garage with his model storm. Of course the greedy head of the company Jonathan Kane (Greg Evigan) wont listen as all he is worried about is liabilities and profits even when proof is shoved in his face. It take several deaths before he will even listen as then he has no choice but to do so, especially after Paris and the Eiffel Tower are destroyed by the liquid looking metal filled ionic metal magnetic tornado. That really is what it looks like, *sigh*.

At least the love interest between Michael and Rebecca (Nicole de Boer as Nicole Deboer) was not overplayed. Nicole and Lou actually do a convincing acting job in the film even if the story was absolute crap.

Well, what more can I say about this film other then it belongs in the SyFy lineup of crap infested films that they love to spew out at us. At least it wasn’t as rotten as Piranha 3D, this one made more sense then that one and actually had more then just one stinking blood infested plot.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★☆☆☆☆