Mermaid Adventures: The Magic Pearl

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

When King Neptune leaves the kingdom grotto for a few days, and leave his daughter Alice in charge, things go horribly awry, and the evil octopus, Sprutto, steals Neptune’s magic pearl. It is up to us, Alice, and her little friend, Crabby (seriously?), to get it back.

Since Alice is a mermaid, calling in Getbackers Recovery Service is highly unlikely, so we have to help her find the pearl and other treasures along the way in a series of mobile match 3 games and other puzzles to help us find Sprutto. Sprutto intends on holding the pearl for ransom, and Alice not only needs to stop Sprutto’s evil plans, along with his jellyfish minions, she also needs to get the pearl back before her father finds out. She is a teen, after all, and does not want to be put on restriction. When your entire world is a planet that is 2/3 ocean, there’s lots of sea to cover. Luckily for us, Sprutto’s domain is not that big, so finding the pearl will not be that difficult. Some of the puzzle are not quite as easy as they seem, and be careful, because those bombs might be tempting to use, but if Crabby gets too close to one when you set it off, he’ll get caught in the blast. Ouch!

There are much better match 3 games out there to be had, and if you can stand the bright lights, and pastel ocean colours, you might like this. The Caribbean music is a nice light touch, but the whole of the game is a bit too silly.