Review: Menage a 3

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Sex Comics And Rock And RollOnline comics are hear to stay so I have decided to give my impressions about some of the ones that I read all the time. If you know of one that you want reviewed then let me know and I will take a look at it. That being said my first review about an online comic is Menage a 3 If you haven’t ever seen it then you should head on over to and check it out.

Warning: It is adult rated and does have drawn nudity and sexual situations through the entire comic. If you don’t want to see that sort of thing then don’t go see it as you would not like it then.

As to the story, you have this guy Gary that is loosing his apartment mates Matt and Dillion and needs to find 2 other people to help pay for the rent. Little did he know that Dillion set him up and put the ad in as saying he was looking for woman with shall we say great assets. That is where all the fun begins. First a rather plain looking gal who looked more like a teen shows up saying that she is in a band and is looking for a place to stay. As that is getting sorted another woman shows up with boobs that would knock the eyes out of a celibate monk and have him wanting more. She is from the country and wants to move closer to work. (Now I am doing this from memory, I could cheat and actually look at each page to verify this but what would be the fun in that)

I love the comic and eagerly await each and every page that is put up. Most times it is updated 3 times a week but as these are real people that are doing the comic it can sometimes be 2 a week depending on their own personal lives.

Oh, BTW, Zii, the band gal, is bi and is crazy to watch and see other men make out and have sex. That in itself causes all sorts of fun. DiDi, the bomb shelled boob woman, Looks like a milk maid to me, is straight but never gets off and doesn’t really feel anything until on a dare Zii kisses her, now she is on a quest to actually see if a woman is what she needs to make her feel that special “O”

The comic is so full of antics back and forth that you are just going to have to go read it for yourselves. I think you will like it as much as I have.

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