Mega World Smash

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

Every once in awhile, Alawar Games gives us a little bit of fast-paced action, and with Mega World Smash, we get the arcade-style game that many of whom grew up in the 1980s were blessed with. You can choose from two main characters to play from, a space pirate girl whose focus is on attack strength, or a neurotic robotic boy whom specializes in armours and protections. You earn upgrades to weapons and armours by taking out stars in this game that is pretty much a post-modern upgrade to the classic Breakout.

We start in some kind of amusement park, and there are some kind of red mutant mushrooms guarding the gates. We are to use our paddles and breakout balls to clear the path, and get rid of those things that are trying to keep us from having our fun. We get all kinds of tools like magnets and bombs, and guns, and mines, and…. wow! There is just so much! While the graphics are similar to that of The Juicer, they do work very well. If you like Breakout-style games, then this might just be worth at the very least the trial to check out. With the deluge of hidden object and time management games out there, finding an old-fashioned arcade style game out there is a real treat. Now if only Alawar could find a way to bring back Turbo, Tempest, and Galaga!