Medal of Honor: Frontline

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Medal of Honor: Frontline is on of the best first-person videogames EA has ever done. This is before Call of Duty and it not set in the modern day. This one is set in World War 2. The war we will never forget. The first level in this game is call D-Day. That is the day when the US invaded France. When you are playing the first level you will get hit pretty hard when you are on the boat, but you survive from that missile.

The gameplay in this game reminds me of Quake II, but you are not fighting the aliens that look like half-Robots. You’re fighting the Nazi not the aliens. This game does not have blood or gore in it. The graphics in this game are good, but it look early PlayStation 2 graphics. This game is on the PS2, XBOX, and NCG. I like the PS2 version better because it is more clear than the XBOX and NCG. The XBOX and NCG have multi-players on there but I don’t care about the multi-players if it was online I said okay but I don’t care about the multi-players. When you are playing this game you get to have as many guns you want. In Call of Duty, you have two weapons, but this one you can as many weapons you want. When you are playing this game you are not looking down a gun barrel. You get to aim, but you but you are not looking down a gun barrel. The gun you can look down is a sniper-rifle. This game is a lot harder than Call of Duty.

Call of Duty games are too easy, but not Call of Duty 2. This one beats the Call of Duty. This game has 19 levels and those will get really hard. In this game, sometimes you will be on team and sometimes you will not be on team. In this you have to find health packets, otherwise you will die. This game have a health bar. You will get to see your health on the bottom of the left screen. You will see it round in your health bar you will see a compass. The compass will show you where need to be. This is much harder than Call of Duty. The creator of this game is known as Steven Spielberg. I didn’t know he did games. I thought he do only made movies. So, if you want a game is harder than Call of Duty play Medal of Honor: Frontline.