What’s the Matter Here?

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When did we become a nation of impatient rude idiots? Okay, so not all of us are that way, but come on people! Why are so many people getting caught in the act of freaking out angry over fast food orders? Not everyone is perfect. Someone might skip out of line in the drive thru and the cashiers don’t catch it right away. Sometimes the wrong sandwich goes in the bag, or maybe the cashier just might be in need of an eye exam. These are little mistakes, and most sane people will take the matter back to where it happened and ask for a replacement. These businesses rely on repeat business, especially in smaller towns, so they are most likely going to comply without much of a fuss so long as you bring back the item in question or a receipt. Now for the insanity…

This occurred just yesterday not more than 50 miles from my home. Apparently, the woman has enjoyed too much fun in the sun and too many frozen drinks on the beach this day before heading to the Edgewater Burger King on Panama City Beach.

In another clip, on a snowy New Year’s Eve about a year or so ago, a woman broke out the window at a Toledo, Ohio McDonalds.

Is it worth the embarassment, the possible court charges, and the YouTube 15 minutes of shame to go crazy over a mistake made on a little $1 cheeseburger, or to freakout if you are waiting in a drive-thru a little longer than normal because someone, even yourself, might want to hot fresh, fries? If you don’t have the patience to even wait for a few minutes over something so trivial, then don’t get in a drive-thru line that wraps around the building if you are in a hurry. If you must have that addictive sandwich, then opt for a time when the restaurant might not be so busy. There are more than likely other choices you can make within the area. brand loyalty is wonderful, and if you just prefer to go to that one outlet, fine, but remember, the people there are working for a pittance, and to lose your head over mistakes or even schedules might make them go a little postal back at you. Even 20 years ago, we would have never seen this kind of behaviour by grown people in public places. We might see it happen with kids, but I doubt a kid would take a tire iron to a drive thru window because she could not get a McNugget Happy Meal at 6 A.M.

Maybe we need a bit of hippy-age wisdom to live by, and we might be a bit happier if we remember to use it. There will be less violence, less refunds, and possibly many less badly recorded Youtube videos. When you do feel that urge to lash out at those who don’t quite understand why your are in a rush, remember what these guys said: