Mahjong World Contest

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

If you like the challenge of solitary mahjong, then you are really going to enjoy Mahjong World Contest. You will take on many, many different puzzles and challenges along the way, from timing, to taking out certain tiles, to clearing the board in less than so many moves. Each puzzle offer three different challenges, and you earn a star for each one you complete. This is one great strategy game, but I have yet to find something in a casual mahjong game that looks as fun as the games they played in Kung Fu Mahjong, but this one will keep you on your toes. The light sounding music in the background is what you would commonly hear at your local Jade Lantern restaurant. It might explain why I was craving Egg Drop Soup, General Tso chicken, and China Black Tea while playing this game.

The puzzles lay out in many kinds of setups, even a yin-yang. This is the kind of game mahjong players can really get into, and with such great graphics, there most likely will be a sequel. This is simply solitary mahjong at its best. So BFG, where is our casual Go game? For those whome have seen or read Hikaru No Go, you know there is no casual Go game, not the way they play.