Maestro: Music of Death

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

I’ve not reviewed a game from ERS Game Studios in some time, but it was far overdue. These games have the best storylines, and often have sequels to their better selling games to make you want to come back for more. I’m not sure if they just have great in-house artists, scriptwriters, coders, or a brilliant marketing team, but they’ve got a fan with this game.

As with most HOM games, there is lots of running back and forth looking for handy items to undo a lock, or snip a cord, and they tend to be in a hidden object puzzle, but it is not the gameplay that if the focus. It is the mystery of the deadly music and the disease it brings to our little Olde Worlde town and hour our steampunk-era investigators deal with these events that test us looking at things through their eyes. Maestro: Music of Death, we deal with a dark spirit sweeping through a fairytale type of town, leaving aged and dead people behind in its wake. The time looks to be around the era of the Napoleonic Wars, and there is a woman whose music seems to be the focus of this supernatural killer. Her young apprentice is also caught up in the situation, but we never really come face to face with them right away. We see the old woman from time to time, but she slips out of our grasp the closer we get to learning more about what is happening here.

This is the first in the Maestro series of games, and I look forward to trying the next one, especially on a day like this:

here in Northwest Florida. Days like this are made for HOMs, but don’t get too creeped out, because you will find a match 3 or time management game to balance it all out.