Madison Rising – The Star Spangled Banner

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Today I heard the absolute best rock version of The Star Spangled Banner I have ever heard. The song sent chills down my spine and goose bumps on my skin. It was not the old dry and drawn out for ever and a day version you keep hearing at sporting events. No, this one is a celebration of America and a tribute to those that choose to serve this country, not only those that service in the military but also the police and fire fighters as well. They want you to know and feel what those that protect us are doing so proudly and many times at great cost to themselves. Sometimes even their lives. This is a song that is fresh and invites you to stand when you hear it.

Here is the song itself being hosted on YouTube on the bands own account. This is a band that is worth taking not of and following.

While true that they take a few liberties with the lyrics of the song the spirit of the song is still there, even more so then the ones that you see before all the ball games that we go to or see on TV. This song is not one that is going to put you to sleep, instead it will wake you up and you just might find yourself singing along with it or even tapping your foot. How many times have you heard the The Star Spangled Banner and tapped you foot to it?

I hope that this version gets some ground and we will start hearing it more often. We need to have a National Anthem that we are proud of and want to hear and not just something that we have to listen to on Independence Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day or the like. This is one patriotic song and I dare anyone to say that it is not.