Lunch Rush HD

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

What kind of drugs were the devs on when they came up with this? I know Lunch Rush has been out since 2007, and just pretty much another form of Diner Dash, but I don’t remember the game being this annoying. Then they decide to make it HD? Just… wow! words don’t escape me, because there is plenty to say, but how to say it is making me confuzzled.

Snowy the Bear has decided to join into a restaurant contest, and whomever wins gets the fun adventure of owning a restaurant for life, and he’s brought his friend Brownie in on this. While some of his antics can be cute, the customers are rather annoying, and really impatient. The only upside is that they don’t have any undead natural enemies like the vampires and werewolves in Dead Hungry Diner. While it is cute and fun, and kids might like it, it seems to be another restaurant dash game with a newer, brighter paint job. How many more of these are going to glut the casual games market? The most amusing thing I got from this game was some strange looks from my husband when Snowy was singing to keep the waiting crowd entertained. I, however, was not, and went back to my MMO.