Luigi’s Mansion

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luigi's mashion
Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Luigi’s Mansion is the first Nintendo GameCube launch title and first Luigi game. This game is fun and addicting. This game is about how Luigi won a Mansion for free in the contest that he never entered. Things didn’t turn out right. The mansion was full of ghosts. In this game, Luigi’s job is to suck up all the ghosts in the mansion with his weapon, Poltergust 3000. It is a vacuum cleaner that suck up ghosts and clean the mansion up.

Professor E. Gadd will give it to Luigi to fight against the ghosts. He will also give a GAMEBOY Horror. GAMEBOY Horror is to see hidden ghosts that Luigi can’t flash to the light on the ghosts’ hearts. Also, the GAMEBOY Horror is a map as well. It shows which room is clear or not clear. The GAMEBOY Horror is the GAMEBOY Color. When you are playing this game, you will have find Mario. Mario is missing in the mansion. One of Princess Peach’s servant, Toad, came to the mansion and look for Mario as well. Princess Peach is worried about Mario’s disappearance. So, that is why , had to look for Mario. Toad is a save point. He will save your game and you will this game again one day.

The graphics in this game, they look awesome! For old game 2001 game, it look great and it looks better than game Dreamcast. It does look like a Dreamcast game, but it looks a lot better. The gameplay runs like Resident Evil and the controls in this game are really easy. The movements controls is better than the movements on the original Resident Evil game. I wish the original Resident Evil game was like movements controls in this game.

The soundtrack in this game almost sound like the Haunted Mansion at Wait Disney World. It will be really cool they put Luigi in the Haunted Mansion ride. This game is great for the kids to play. This game does play on the Wii as well, but you need a controller for GameCube and a memory card with it. So, if you want game for your kids, you should get this game. It is fun and I think your kids will love it, and it will get the kids off from Call of Duty game. This game is cheap today, but it is hard to find, as well. You can try Amazon, eBay, or even Lukie Games. This game is fun, great, and you and your family will love it.