The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon (2008)

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The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon PosterThe Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon was one of those movies most likely made for SyFy, but somehow manages to turn up on DVD along the way. It stars Shannen Doherty (Charmed), Michael Shanks (Stargate-SG1), and JR Bourne (Stargate-SG1) as members of a Smithsonian research team on a dig in the Grand Canyon circa 1900. Susan Jordan (Doherty) has come to the dig to help her father, Dr. Samual Jordan along with his team, the stuffy, Jacob Thain (Shanks), and the weaselly Marco Langford (Bourne), and several supporting diggers and students. Dr. Jordan disappears for a time, and returns with news that he has found a walled city within one of the remote crevasses of the canyon.

It turns out evil spirits are guarding the city, and for a very good reason. It is the last northern colony of the Aztec Nation, and they are unaware that their people have been wiped out centuries ago, and they still practice the sacrifices to appease a blood-hungry creature they fear as one of their gods. Yes, there is blood, and some deadly traps, and researchers die along the way, but this is mediocre historical Sci-fi, but it is still fun in the way the creators of this film brought the concept together.

Michael Shanks is back in his element as a nerdy linguist, the role that made him famous, even to be called, “Dr. Parasol” by other team members because of this sensitivity to the Arizona desert sunshine. If you like period pieces with a little bit of a science twist, and some paranormal beasts thrown in, take an hour and twenty-eight minutes to enjoy The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon.

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