Lost in Night

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

Lost in Night is put out by Rumbic Studio, and it was the first game of theirs that I had every played. While it was cute, and had a style that Rumbic can call their own, I did like the fact that as a Match 3 game, you could choose the style in which it was played. With match 3 games, there are typically 3 kind of ways you can collect icons. They are swap, group, and chain. Lost in Night started off with swap. As you played further along, you were given the option to choose group, like in the game, Qbeez. To choose chain will give you game play like in Magic Match.

With each level you completed, you also have the option to build a magical, nighttime village filled with fae-style housing and various support fields and buildings. This happened after every level, and could be somewhat distracting from the game itself. Also, to choose the other gaming-style options, you would have to click the trophies screen, else you not even know that you had the options to change your style of gameplay. A little hint here or there would help, Rumbic devs!

I’ve played many match 3 games lately, and somehow I keep finding myself going back to my old faves, Luxor Evolved and Heroes of Kalevala. Somehow, someone has to come out with something dynamite supreme to top those. I’ll keep looking, but I have a feeling I am not going to find it, and I definitely did not find it in Lost in Night.