Loco Mogul

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

Loco is right as this game doesn’t make any sense at all when you first start to play it. You just might find yourself starting the game over a few times just to figure out what is going on. While the game is simple enough to play it takes a bit to understand exactly what is going on and what you are supposed to do. It doesn’t play anything like what you might expect from, playing other train and locomotive type games. While some of the elements might be there this is definitely not a substitute for them.

I enjoy playing train sims where you have to deliver and manage a train or other type of network so I decided to give this one a try, boy was I disappointed. To start the graphics are bland and faded in some cases. This might be to give atmosphere to the game but come on, they had the same sky back then as they do today. Just because you want to invoke a sense of nostalgia is not a reason to wash out the graphics in the game. Next, even though they tell you what is expected of you, you still have no clue where to begin other then by trial and error. This is not for the type of person that just wants to “play” and relax, this is a thinking game and at times almost seems like a puzzle then a train game.

When you are playing levels there is no easy way to just start the level over unless you exit out to the main menu of the game at times. Once doing that I clicked the wrong button and it just started the entire game over. It is not intuitive and if you are sleepy and playing this game you are going to get nothing other then frustrated with it and might just possibly scream at your computer even though no one is around to see or hear you. As I said at times it seems more like a puzzle then a train and goods sim. Sure you still have to get products and cars from point A to point H but the way that you have to lay tracks is a work of surveying the land, guessing where industries and towns are and then lay the tracks. Sounds simple enough but you also have to weave your way in and out of mountains, flatten hills, cut down trees, cross rivers and more. Sure you do that in other train sims but they are more open and you have the ability to move around and see what you are doing but not with this one.

While the grid that you are playing on is small you never seem to have enough track or money to get a real network going and to make maters worse, it is not only a money goal you have to meet but you are also limited on the amount of miles that you can put on your train. Each train that you get can only go a set certain amount of miles as well as only carry a certain amount of cars. Add to that you also have impatient customers that don’t seem to wait long enough for you to pick up or deliver a load. This is one of the most frustrating train game that I have ever tried to play and I have tried some really tough ones in the past. To all that do play with this one, Good luck with that.