Lockout (2012) Take no prisoners

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MS One: Maximum Security is a rather quirky yet fun film to watch which takes place in the future of 2079. This film had bad jokes, lots of slapstick and plenty of action to amuse even the most dull of characters that might be watching. It is a fun ride to take but when it is over you will be wondering what it was that you just watched. The film is fun but when it is done you find it hard to remember exactly what happened in it. Sometimes that is a good thing though when you just want to kick back and unwind. No sex, lots of violence and a character that could give a damn about the world or even what is going on. He just wants to get things done, save his own skin and tell as little about himself in the process. He also likes to tell your wife jokes as he is hit repeatedly by a security marine.

Marion Snow (Guy Pearce) is an ex CIA operative that has just had his world turned upside down and everyone is out to get him. They have framed him good and now want to get the goods from him. The problem his that he doesn’t even know where it is. He just keeps joking about Agent Scott Langral’s (Peter Stormare) wife, we don’t even know if he has one, and how he was busy with her and doesn’t know anything. With each joke Rupert (Michael Sopko) keeps hitting him in the face. Snow seems like it doesn’t matter how much he gets hit and just keeps joking till Harry Shaw (Lennie James) comes in and tells everyone to play nice. He wants to get information from Snow as well and is supposed to be his friend. He will do what he can for Snow but he also wants to know where the case that was involved is located as well. Seems everyone wants the information that is in there and Snow is not telling where it is. Mainly because he doesn’t even know right off.

Without a trial or anyway to prove his innocents about killing his friend he is sentenced to MS One, a maximum security facility in space. It is a new prison where inmates are put in stasis for the duration of their incarceration. So as they are getting Snow ready for transport we find out that his friend Mace (Tim Plester), the one he gave the case to, is up on MS One and so is the president’s daughter Emilie Warnock (Maggie Grace) is up there making sure that the inmates are not being experimented on. The main problem with this is that her father didn’t even know. While up there her security detail screws up and allows an inmate that she was interviewing, Hydell (Joseph Gilgun), get a hold of a gun. This sets everything in motion where all the inmates are released from stasis and the crew and Emilie are taken hostage. This new development gives Snow a third chance to set things right.

Snow is to go up and save the president’s daughter and in the process possibly find out where the case is so that he can get his own hide out of the fire. All the time he is crass, belligerent and is about as charming as a dead bug on a windshield, but he is going to get the job done. Both he and Emilie hate each other from the start and are constantly at odds with each other till they realize that the other actually is worth saving and do anything they can to make sure each of them stays alive.

As I said, the story moves fast, is crass, full of bad jokes and at times totally forgettable but at the same time is charming to watch. I know it doesn’t sound like it could be charming but it does have something that will make you like the film even if you can’t remember it afterwards.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆