Life Of A Designer And Creator

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Very few think about the life of a designer or that of a creator, and I am not necessarily talking about the gods or any one particular god. In this article I am talking about myself and other that can relate to what I am saying here. The one main think I can say is that we are all, designers and creators, taken for granted. I guess you could say that about the gods as well but lets stick to the mortal realm and not the divine in this posting. Though you could say that all design and creation is divine in one way or another which makes the pain we fell so much the worse.

So, Am I making any sense to you yet? Do you still not see the pain that we endue, that I endure?

The life of a designer, a creator, the life of those of us that have more in our head then most can understand or see is not always nice. People tend to not understand us, that we are some how different and should be doing something else instead. Let me ask all those nice people this, do you like that car you are driving? Do you like the nice house that you are living in? Do you enjoy those nice clothes that you are always trying to keep clean? Do you like the pictures and paintings that you have bought to make your life a little less dull? Do you like the games that you play that other people made, that other people designed and created? If you can say no to every single one of those questions you can just stop reading now and go away as you will never understand what is being said here. For those that have said yes to any other those questions, I invite you to keep reading.

So, Am I making any sense to you yet? Do you still not see the pain that we endue, that I endure?

When a person makes something that no one else has made or even duplicate what someone else did with their own hands they put something of themselves into what they are doing. They are using raw force and energy to make something exist that didn’t exist in the particular way that are making it ever before. They are making something new that has never been seen except in the mind and eye of the person that is making it. They are not being foolish in what they are doing, they are acting one something and then making it exist, sometimes by sheer will and force. They will it into being and then do what ever they can to make it exist. They are not satisfied till it is exactly as it was when they first saw it in their minds eye. Do you think that is foolish? Do you think that is useless? Do you think they are less of a person for seeing things that way?

So, Am I making any sense to you yet? Do you still not see the pain that we endue, that I endure?

I know I am saying the same phrase over and over but I want you to see and understand what it is that is needed to be said and seen? Those that understand will know it and see the meaning behind it. Those that don’t understand will just think what they will and be gone. The point is this, we, the designers and creators of all that you see, all that you wear and all that you do are more then just cheap labor to be exploited by you and those that do not value life. We are worth far more then you give us or more then you pay us and way more then you perceive us. We make YOUR life worth living and not the other way around. If it was not for our minds you would not have your nice things to look at, you would not have your nice things to wear and you would have a very dull and boring place to work.

I have designed and created worlds for others to play in and yet no one cares for what it took. I have made and created levels for actual commercially sold games and not able to get work in what I love to do. I have designed and created lavish graphics for websites and advertisements and yet I am seen as worthless since I decided to work instead of going to school to get more then a technical certification. I have painted murals for people to see and what others have made thousands of dollars off of and saw only a little of that money. I have designed, inked and painted works of art that others expect to get for next to nothing or free but you expect me to pay you for everything that I see and do.

I ask you, who is being used, who is being abused. Many in society treat artists and designers worse then slaves and then tell us all that we should be glad for the work that they are giving us for they can get it in China for next to free. Is this what our world has come to? Is this what we want our children to see? Do we want everyone in this world to treat each other with the contempt that is given to designers and creators? It’s a wonder the gods haven’t wipe the lot into the sea and out of existence.

You should think about what was said her the next time a designer, an artist, a creator does some work for you. They are selling themselves to you for your pleasure, don’t you think they deserve some themselves?