Life Quest

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Fun Factor:★★★½☆ 

This is a cute little came that is almost a casual game but is a bit more challenging then that. It is also quite similar to the game Path To Success and at times uses the same exact script it would seem. If the other game was slick and fun this one is cute and sweet but with less zing in the graphics. Your goal in this game is to make sure you get to the top before everyone else by competing with your classmates from high school to see who can get the goal done first. If you get the goal first you get more of a happiness reward, the more happiness you have the less you have to sleep. If you don’t have your happiness filled for the day you have to sleep longer and have to work harder to get more happy.

The game starts with your high school principle giving you a speech about life and what you are going to do next. He tells you it is all up to you how you life your life as you take your own person path to your Life Quest. Once he is through you then go on to choose who it is that you are going to be by picking your avatar. In the avatar selection you first choose what gender you are going to be and then choose which head, body and legs you are going to have for your character. After choosing you then decide what color your skin, hair, eyes and lips are going to be. After the selection process you are given the choice of doing the tutorial or not. If you have never played the game you should go ahead and complete the tutorial as it will show you in an interesting and fun way how the game is played.

As to where you are going to live you will start out living with your sibling to get you started then it is off to City Hall to get a job. There are many different jobs to choose from and each have their own requirements. Some require intelligence, others require charm and yet others require practical skills such as cooking or mechanical to fix things. Each skill that is required can be learned at the local college center with each having their own requirements as well. Not only do each of the courses become increasingly expensive but they also require you to already have purchased different items from the different shops and stores that are in the town. As you complete each one they will increase your stats in intelligence, practical handiness and charm. As to charm it can also be increased by the purchase of different outfits, each having their own charm rating. As to physical ability that can be learned from the local fitness center.

If you love to compete against others in a virtual environment against classmates that you never had then this is going to be the game for you. If you are a person that goes your own way and doesn’t want to be like or beat everyone else then this game might not be fore you though it could still be fun. It is cute and cartoonie and there are definitely worse ways to spend your time then playing Life Quest. The choice is up to you how you play the game but as they say life is what you make of it and so is this game.