Legally Blonde: Believing In Yourself NEVER Goes Out Of Style!

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This is most definitely one of the better chick flicks out there, and there are two sequels, so Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) must have been doing something right, but it was not always this way. So what does it make to get a fashion marketing major from L.A. to go to Harvard Law School? A chase and hunt to gain back the man she loves, or so she thinks.

Elle is a typical SoCal kind of girl, living the easy life with her parents in Beverly Hills, and being the president of her sorority chapter, Delta Nu, at C.U.C. L.A. and she is all set to take the next step. She has been dating Warner Huntington III (Matthew Davis), an East Coast preppie with his trust fund and dreams of running for the Senate. Only one thing is getting in his way of having that Harvard Law degree, and that is Elle. He wants a serious woman by his side, one that meets the standards of his blue-blood family, and he is ready to dump Elle to take his next step. After making a scene at a trendy L.A. bistro, and thinking her days with Warner are over, she makes a decision to follow her heart and her man, and applies to Harvard Law. After much studying and a very creative essay video, the old boys at Harvard like the idea of diversity, plus the fact that Elle is so cute, and decide to accept her.

Elle packs up all her pink accessories and her teacup chihuahua pup, Bruiser, and they head to Cambridge, and are met with the coldest reception ever, from students, professors, and just about everyone they run into. To make things worse, Warner is back together with his old prep school girlfriend, Vivian (Selma Blair), a raven-haired snooty snob that is exactly what the Huntingtons are looking for in breeding stock. Elle drags out of the campus in her Ferrari to the closest beauty salon, and finds a new friend in manicurist Paulette (Jennifer Coolidge), a sweet woman whom has been leading a loser life, but will find many new changes in her life thanks to the fate of Elle needing mani-pedi therapy.

Just about everyone is touched by this angel in pink, in good ways and bad, but Elle never stops believing that she has what it takes make a damn good lawyer, even when those in authority don’t think she can hack it. Soon, she shines brighter than even Warner can handle, and is handling a huge profile case on her own, and floors everyone with knowledge this stuffy crowd could not even begin to comprehend with.

This is one of the most fun movies of the 2000s, and after playing Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome Collector’s Edition earlier that day, it was a great movie to lift my spirits. It will do the same for just about anyone, and just listening to the soundtrack can do so, too, but Musings will tell you about all that great music later.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆