Kingdom Hearts

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Kingdom Hearts is a Square Enix game, and when you played this game, it will remind you of some games that you played on N64. N64 does bring back memories. I am reminded of the some N64 games because the gameplay is like Legend of Zelda, the Gummi Ship battles runs like Star Fox, and some of the music in this game sounds like Turok 2: Seed of Evil. One more thing, it is Disney. So, this is a kids’ game. This game is a kids version of Final Fantasy. There are some Final Fantasy characters in this game, but there mostly from PSone FF games.

This game is about boy named Sora wants to go to see others worlds out there instead of being on the island. Him and his friend, Riku, were playing this island since there were kids. They want go on a real adventure. There is one more friend, and her name is Kiri. Kiri is one of Sora’s friend, and she is in love with him. Kiri is cute, but I like see her when she is eighteen. I know Sora has a weapon called the Keyblade. The Keyblade is the weapon used to defeat the heartless and lock keyholes from others worlds to restore peace. The heartless are like Death Busters from Sailor Moon S. Death Busters were after the pure hearts, but the heartless are after people hearts including the seven princesses. Kiri is one of the seven princesses. Well ! We have another Disney Princess and her is Kiri. I don’t know how many Disney Princesses we have today.

Sora has two friends that join on there journey. They are Donald and Goofy. Those two are looking for King Mickey. In this game you can chose any of the world that you want to go to.The graphics look really good. I know the game will show a few times, but it is great game to play. The gameplay runs like Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It does runs like Ocarina of Time, because it is in third person and hit the first person view button, but you can’t move around in first person view. The Gummi ship gameplay runs like Star Fox 64 and sound of the music in this game sounded like Turok 2 but not the opening. The opening song really rocks. The person who sings the opening is Hikaru Utada. She sings lot of good stuff. She did the second Kingdom Hearts game, as well.

Whenever you played Kingdom Hearts, it will remind you of the games you played on N64 games that you played in the past, but Kingdom Hearts is a PS2 game, not an N64 game. There are some Kingdom Hearts games for Nintendo, but they are not all that great. I’m waiting for the third Kingdom Hearts game to come out and this one would be for the PS4. It was going to be out on the Xbox 360, but they where too late. I can’t wait to see how it looks on the PS4. If you played N64 games in the past you will like Kingdom Hearts, or if you are looking for a kids’ game, Kingdom Hearts is one to get for your kids, not Call of Duty. Kingdom Hearts is out for PS3, so you can get at Gamestop today, or you can get the PS2 version on eBay, which it is a little bit less costly. You need to get Kingdom Hearts, because it is one the Disney game that you will want for life.