Kingdom Chronicles Collector’s Edition

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

While this game did run the same kind of format that many builder/time management games do, it was clear to see that this was created by same artists that gave us the 7 Wonders series. In Kingdom Chronicles, we follow a young man, John Brave. He is quick to act with wisdom and determination to rebuild his kingdom from the coastline to the castle when he learns that it has been taken over by an evil lord, Moomrabac, and his mercenaries.

We are given tasks along the way, and build homes, low-tech supply centers for food, lumber, stone, and cash. Build barracks for our men at arms, and a town hall for our tax collectors. It is pretty much like most builders in the gameplay, but where the difference lies in is the delivery of a fast-paced game that outperforms many others. Our speed boosts work a little too well as we see our workers zip around the screen, clearing, gathering, and building homes and shops at lightning speed when the magic tools are activated. Another great thing, is that those tools do not have a very long cool-down period when it comes to being reactivated. Kingdom Chronicles is a great choice when it comes to adventure/building games. If you enjoyed the My Kingdom for the Princess series, then this is a game you should not miss! Go download it now, and enjoy every minute of it! Be sure you do take a break eventually, as this is one of those games that will keep you up into the wee hours like Heroes of Kalevela