King Ralph

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King Ralph 1991This film stars John Goodman and Peter O’Toole about a lost or should we say last royal and how he must be made into a king. I know that is some what simplistic but it is the plot of the film, it is in how the film is directed by David S. Ward that really makes it interesting. Who doesn’t want to see an average Joe or themselves become a king. Sounds good until you actually have to do the job.

In this film the entire royal family of England has been killed in a freak accident and Parliament and the royal staff must find a remaining royal heir. If they do not find one then the crown will pass back to the Stuart family and make a very distasteful member of that family King. That is where Ralph comes in, he is a down and out entertainer in Las Vegas. His grandmother had once has a tryst with the Duck of Warren and that is how Ralph becomes related to the royal family. It is there that the film really starts for all of the characters involved as they try to take a set in his ways American and turn them into a King Of England.

This film has charm that will never die and Perter O’Toole does a splendid job as royal secretary, even if he is a coward. If you want to know what I mean by that last statement then you just have to watch the film for yourself, you will be glad that you did.

Many claim this film was a flop and an embarrassment for John Goodman but I say why? It was fun to watch and I know that I will want to watch it again and I don’t give a damned what the Academy says, they always hate anything fun. So watch this film and have a good laugh and then watch it again when ever you feel down, if will cheer you up.

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