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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

This is the first Killzone game of the series and it is on PlayStation 2. This what started Killzone. The Helghast attacked Vekta and humans are fighting back. Humans are trying to win but there too many Helghases. Vekta is now a battle ground. You are 4 characters in this. They are Cpt. Templer, Sgt. Rico, Colonel Hakha, Shadow Marshal Luger. Those characters you have to play in order to beat the game.

First you will play as Cpt. Templer, then you will play as Shadow Marshal Luger, after that you will play Sgt. Rico, and last you will play as Colonel Hakha. You have to play this in order to beat the game. This game took me about 10 hours to beat. This one is way longer than Killzone 2. This game is pretty good, but Killzone 2 is better than this game. The graphics are great and all, but gameplay is a little bit a problematic. The problem with the gameplay is the bugs. This game has some bugs, but I didn’t get suck in the wall. When I was killing one of the Helghan, I saw the Helghan was dancing when he was dead on the ground. That was really funny. If you played this game for a time without a break, turn off the PlayStation 2. They won’t do that any more. The aiming is a little bit different from the second, but I got used to it. I get to zoom in some, so I can kill the enemy. I didn’t like the sniping aiming. The snipping aiming screen is too orange and it is little bit hard to kill the enemy.

The gameplay isn’t like Call of Duty. It looks like Doom 3. I know in number 2 it looks like Call of Duty, but this this isn’t it. I know the graphics are great for the PlayStation 2. It look like Name Your Link, but way better. I like the trees, the landscape, I like what they did on the characters. I heard they make this for the PlayStation 3 as well. I heard they fixed a lot of bugs in the gameplay. You won’t see the Helghan dancing on the ground now. It was really funny when I saw that. If you play Killzone 2 on the PS3, you will want to play the first Killzone game to learn about the game and the series of it. If you love first person shooter games, you will like this one. You can get this cheap today, or if you have a PS3, you can get off of PlayStation Net.