KillZone 2

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Killzone 2 is a another first-person shooter game. This is like Call of Duty, but even better. You not at war with the Russians. You’re at war with alien planet. The aliens you are fighting are called Helghans. The Helghans are like the Republicans we have today. The Helghans want control and power. In the beginning of game, the ISA go to the Helghan’s home planet to stop the Helghans’ leader. This game like it came out of a Sci-fi movie. When you are playing the game you will see the graphics is way better than Call of Duty. This game still use two weapons but, one problem I hate you can’t switch your pistol. You can change assault rifle but not you pistol. You can hide in the and shoot back at the enemies. You can play online in this game. The online is like Call of Duty. When I play this I said, “WOW.” The graphics are amazingly better. When you’re looking down the gun, you can tap the button. You don’t have to hold the aim button anymore. This is game one of the best Sony game I have ever seen. So, if you want better first-person shooter game, or are getting tired of Call of Duty, play Killzone 2. If you want to play other the Killzone games, try the first one. It is on the Play Station 2. In that storyline, it shows why the Helghans were attacking the humans and there on is after number 2.